McBee Cattle Company | Calf Roundup Program
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Calf Roundup Program

Since the beginning of our Calf Roundup program in 1994 we have a long history of helping our customers market their calves for top prices without the normal discounts for small groups and color discrimination. To qualify for the Calf Roundup the producer must purchase either a Braunvieh or Hybrid bull from McBee Cattle Company.

After the producer qualifies, any calf sired by a McBee bull or out of a female purchased directly from us qualifies to be marketed through the Calf Roundup. After your first bull purchase, the customer is allowed one calf crop exception. In other words you can bring calves once to the Roundup that are not sired by our bulls.

These qualifications were developed to be able to market a uniform set of calves that are consistent in their makeup. By uniform, we are NOT talking about being the same color. Over the years of marketing over 24,000 McBee Braunvieh cross calves for our customers, we have learned that for the most part buyers are looking for consistency and will pay for it. We know we can do it with these qualifications.

Program Qualifications

All Roundup calves must have received two rounds of preconditioning vaccines, dewormed, weaned for at least 45 days, dehorned, castrated and bunk broke. Click here for a Verification Form that must come with the calves.

The calves are received 5 days before the sale, tagged and sorted at delivery. They are fed at the barn for at least 4 full days before they are sold to help recover the hauling shrink and to help our customer receive a more accurate pay weight. The calves are sorted by weight and put in groups of like size. Each owner is paid for the percentage of the weight they own in each pen. For this, an Enrollment Form is required to have a listing of the calves with ear tag numbers. Other information on the form can be used for your own information. Click here for copy of the

McBee Calf Roundup calves have established a reputation for above average performance and we have many repeat buyers looking for these program calves. To better serve our customers, we have two Roundup dates, August for fall calves and January for spring calves. Be sure and touch base with us if you have questions. We like to talk to you about marketing Braunvieh cross calves.

Calf Roundup Verification FormCalf Roundup Enrollment Form

McBee Genetic Advantage Program (MGAP)

The McBee Genetic Advantage Program is a genetic source program designed to add more value to calves that are of McBee influenced genetics. This program is designed to help McBee customers maximize their return on their investment in McBee seedstock. We have seen since the inception of our Calf Roundup program in 1992, that grouping calves that are consistent in their make-up and produced from similar genetics into larger groups to merchandise to buyers adds value over and above marketing them the traditional way. 

We have been grouping and marketing our customers’ calves since 1992 in an effort to help maximize our bull customers’ profit. After marketing our customers’ calves by private treaty, two times per year for 21 years we moved the sale of our calves to the Missouri Valley Commission Company in January 2013. After seeing a renewed interest in our calves and the ability to take advantage of a more competitive bidding atmosphere at a livestock market, in August of 2020, we moved our sale to the Eastern Missouri Commission Company in Bowling Green, Mo. 

The ability to market hundreds of calves, owned by multiple customers from several states, is a customer service that we are proud to offer. Selling in volume is not rocket science. The power of selling in volume allows our customers to eliminate a lot of the discounts that they have experienced through traditional marketing channels. By sorting and grouping the calves into groups by weight and sex, we are able to offer load lots of calves to multiple buyers that have been consistently bred, handled and vaccinated. 

The McBee Genetic Advantage Program Calf Roundup Sale has always been a grouping and marketing program for our customers of pre-conditioned, Vac 45 calves. It gives our customers an alternative way to sell their production. 


  1. Customers qualify to participate in the MGAP/ McBee Calf Roundup program with the purchase of a McBee Cattle Company Braunvieh or Hybrid bull. 
  2. Eligible cattle must be sired by a McBee bull or out of a female purchased from McBee Cattle Company. 
  3. After a producer qualifies by purchasing a McBee bull, he is allowed to bring one calf crop to the Roundup that are not all sired by a McBee bull. After this one exception, all calves to be grouped and sold through the MGAP program by this customer, must be sired by a McBee bull or out of a female purchased from McBee Cattle Company. 
  4. All calves that are brought to the program will be Vac 45, including castrated, dehorned, and bunk broke and weaned for a minimum of 45 days. Everyone in the program uses the same brand of vaccine and furnishes a Verification form that it has been done. 
  5. Participants must furnish an email address to receive dates and information on the Roundup days. If they do not have an email address, the participant is responsible for checking with McBee Cattle Company for updates. 
  6. All cattle enrolled must be owned by the producer participant.